The Latin-Centered Curriculum by Andrew Campbell

by Elizabeth
(Windom, Minnesota, U.S.A.)

Product: The Latin-Centered Curriculum by Andrew Campbell
Age Levels: 6-18

Likes: I've loved the simplicity of this education system since it originally came out. It will provide children with a wonderful foundational education, and leaves enough time to pursue other interests. In my home the whole process takes about two hours, which leaves lots of time to really dive into science (my daughter's favorite subject), and lets kids be kids.

Dislikes: My only criticism is that it's hard to include other cultures in this Western society based education. Now, it's not impossible and the suggestions are flexible enough to allow it, which I have done with minor tweaking.

My other dislike has nothing to do with the book, but with people's attitudes towards a traditional classical education. Some people expect that I am raising an intellectual snob, others think I am not allowing my daughter to be a child. Neither assumptions are true. I'm giving Annabelle the best education *for her*, and this program helps me provide it.

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