The Robinson Curriculum

by Jen

Product: Robinson Curriculum
Levels Used: 1st,4th,7th grades
Dates Used:2010-present

I will try not to sound to excited about this but I LOVE this program!! With the years of homeschooling I have always been searching for the next curriculum. It was like a hobby to me. But then I came across RC and thought what a great idea.

I am always searching for good books for my kids to read so I thought at first I would just order it just for the books. So as I read more about it I realized how well this curriculum fit our family. I love teaching my kids but I could always tell when I was reading to them about a subject they would sometimes just look like the lights went off and they were just there in body not mind. So I was at a loss for that.

Plus having 4 kids, 3 of them school age I felt like I was letting every other aspect of being a mom go to the back burner. I know the my children learning is very important but I just felt frazzled and couldn't catch my breath. So I decided what the heck I will give it a try.

So we started and WOW!!! The kids are doing great! My 7th grader has finished her 7th grade math and has started her 8th grade book already and that was just a semester! My 1st and 4th grader are doing so great too. They are actually enjoying reading. Which was not always fun for them.

I have to say that this curriculum is heaven sent for our family. We have more time together that is not school time. Just fun time is Great! I feel so blessed to have found this curriculum.

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