The Writer's Jungle

by Carrie

Product: The Writer's Jungle
Subject: Writing/Language Arts
Dates Used: 2004-present

Likes: This is my favorite homeschool manual. It really isn't a curriculum, but a how-to guide for fostering a love of language and writing in your home with practical ideas to put into practice.

The author has the unique perspective of a professional writer and a veteran homeschool mom. I like the "big picture" she gives you when working with your children and evaluating and appreciating their efforts.

The one thing that this guide will give you above all else that makes it worth the money, is the understanding that no matter how your children may "hate" writing, their ideas have value. Her program helps the homeschool mom stay in tune to that and bring the best out of young writers.

I re-read this guide every year and get more out of it each time! It has really grown me in my confidence to teach writing with or without a curriculum. It helps me identify good writing assignments (when using a curriculum) and have the discernment to make decisions about tailoring and tweaking any assignment to meet my teaching goals.

Dislikes: In the beginning, I disliked the aspect that there wasn't the kind of overt detailed lesson plans that would have given me the comfort and hand-holding I wanted in this area at that time. However, I have grown to appreciate the freedom and growth this provides which also makes this manual invaluable for teaching ALL levels of writing.

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