Time 4 Learning

by Nelida
(Milton, Florida)

Product: Time 4 learning online teaching aide
Subject: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Levels Used: pre-k
Dates Used: February 2008-currently using

Likes: My children have been using Time 4 learning as an online learning supplement for a few months, now. They love it! It is a great computer time activity, that really tests my children's skills.

At the end of the session (you control the learning time they spend on it each session) my children really enjoy the "play" time activities that the company offers online. It's been a great way to work on their computer skills, and to work on their other subject areas.

I enjoy being able to have a report of my child's progress and being able to control how much time is spent "learning" and how much time is spent having "playtime." I also appreciate that the company keeps track of what activities have already been done by my children. So, we are always going forward and not doing the same thing daily.

Cheap prices and a fun learning experience make it a great time for all of us! We all really enjoy this program!!

Dislikes: My dislikes of this program is that it can be sensitive sometimes. There are times that the timer goes off before it should and either learning time or playtime will have been cut short. It is a bit of a hassle to try to get back to where we were supposed to be without having to start a session over again. It frustrates my four year old, and definitely does not make me happy.

Also, for a little while, we were being billed for a lot more than we should have been being billed for. That almost made me quit the program, but it was fixed in swiftly and we were reimbursed our withdrawn money.

There isn't much that I have to complain about with the program. We love it!!

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