Time 4 Learning

by Peggy Dalley
(Wilmington, NC)

Product: Time4Learning
Subject: Math, Social Studies, Science, Language Arts
Levels Used: Grades 1 - 7
Dates Used: 5-2009 thru 8-2009

Likes: The Language Arts program is comprehensive and well laid out. It was good for my boys who have a lot of trouble in these areas. They loved the Word Herd and Old Time Word show especially.

The flexibility was great. My boys could access the level above and below their grade levels. It helps for those of us whose kids are on different levels in different subjects.

The customer service and support is fantastic.

The grading and recording keeping were done for me.

The activities and their objectives are clearly laid out for parents.

Dislikes: Price. At fifty dollars a month for three boys, it was just not a long term solution for us.

Inability to choose which subjects to use. We use another program for math for two of our boys and the science and history needed supplementing.

All in all this is a great program for those times when you need a change or a break from your regular curriculum. We will probably use it again in the future.

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