Time 4 Learning

by Tracy
(Lawton, OK)

Product: Time 4 Learning
Subject: LA, Math
Levels Used: PreK, K, 1st, 2nd
Dates Used: 2010-2011

Likes: I love that it is 100% independent even for the young student. I had a 4th pregnancy this year and there were many days where I was not up to actively homeschooling. This program was perfect for filling in all of those holes. Great as a supplement, for a review, or just a fun change of pace while they are not doing school for the summer to keep them refreshed. My first son did the K and 1st and 2nd grade materials. My second son enjoyed the PreK materials. It is colorful and captivating. My 3 year old loves the PreK1 and PreK2 segments. Definitely something we will continue to use for future times of pregnancy/ illness.

The LA Extensions have very nice topics that also could be considered history/ science for that day.

Dislikes: It isn't that I dislike the program. But I do not think it would be a comprehensive curriculum... I would never use only this or even use this as a spine.

The math touches on each thing once. There is no review. And it is explained in only one way- which is fine... if your child gets it the first time through with the first explanation.

The language arts is very phonics heavy. (Which can be good.)But if your 1st/ 2nd grader is already a good reader... they go through each story like 4+ times and it gets a little boring and.. they will fly through these lessons in no time. In a year, and only as a supplemental source... my son did K, 1st and 2nd grade... nearly everything, except the math!

And there isn't very much science/ history available at those levels. 16 lessons I think of each more or less?

So to sum it up, bright and colorful and engaging... but the content seemed too easy. My kids are average, not gifted. My 3 year old did the entire PreK stuff. Easily. My K-1st grader did the entire K, 1st, and 2nd grades LA/LA extension, science and history without being challenged and in less than a year.

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