by Ali
(Independence, Oregon, USA )

Product: Time 4 Learning
Subject: all subjects
Levels Used: K, 1, 2
Dates Used: 2005

I was able to have a month to test and review time 4 learning back in 2005. I will say, it was a lot of fun!

My kids really enjoyed using this program. I especially liked the phonics and reading lessons. The reading lessons enabled me to see how well, and how quickly my son could read.

Each child has their own account, and it keeps track of where they are at with each lesson. Each lesson is an interactive cartoon like game. After the child finishes a lesson, they are rewarded with a recess time. Which is free game time for a certain amount of time.

Most kids love games, and this curriculum is set up to feel like a game. But in all reality they are learning.

What I disliked about this program though, is the fact that my kids did get worn out of it. They got tired of doing the lessons at the computer everyday. There were also some concepts in the math that seemed to get skipped over, from what I saw.

I would recommend this program as a supplement to your homeschool. I wouldn't use it as a core curriculum. But with that said, it is a lot of fun!!

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