by Valarie
(Tynan, TX)

Product: Time4Learning
Subjects: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Levels Used: K, 2nd
Dates Used: Currently using

I found Time4Learning.com when I first looked into the possibility of homeschooling. It offers complete language arts and math curriculums as well as science and social studies. I let my children do the sample lessons and they loved them. However, for some reason I decided not to go with the program, I think I was afraid it wouldn't cover enough and not teach the subjects thoroughly.

When I was told I would need to have surgery and would be on bed rest for a few weeks I wondered what I would do for the children for school; then I remembered about Time4Learning. I signed up a few weeks ahead of my surgery so that the kids and I could get used to the system and so I could determine whether or not it would work. They offer a two week trial period and if you are not happy with the program they will refund your money.

My children are very different. My daughter can sit still and work in a workbook for hours, but my son needs more interaction and has a difficult time with workbooks. I wasn't sure if it would work well for both of them. I introduced my daughter (kindergarten) first. She played for about an hour and a half before I finally told her she needed to get off the computer. Then I introduced my son (2nd grade) to it. He completed one lesson and quit. At first I didn't think he liked it. Now my children fight over who gets to use the computer first and they actually limit each other ("at ____o'clock it's my turn"). No more heads lying on the table crying "I don't want to do this!" Both my kids love it!!

This curriculum creates reports for me to show me what they worked on for the day/week/month (you choose) and how they did. When I see a subject they didn't quite understand, I go over it with them, and fill in with other materials to supplement the lesson. They are also allowed to repeat any lessons or quizzes if they want or need to. Some of the lessons even have what they call "resources" which are worksheets that go along with the lesson.

It is amazingly affordable at $19.95/month for the first child and $14.95/month for any additional children. It is flexible in that it allows access to a grade level above and below the selected grade level for each subject. After the students complete a set amount of time for the day, the student is allowed access to the "playground" which offers different games ranging anywhere from educational to tic-tac-toe to classic games like pong. FYI - the parent determines the time for both the lessons and the playground.

So far my only negative about this program is that in order to switch from one student to the next, you have to open a new browser - maybe there is a way and I just haven't found it yet. Oh - and I wish I had more than one computer.

For the first time since deciding to homeschool I am not constantly looking at curriculum catalogs searching for something better. I love Time4Learning and even though I signed us up just to help while I get through recovery, it is a lifesaver and we will continue to use it.

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