by Demetrice
(Gibsonville, NC)

Product: Time4Learning
Subject: Complete
Levels Used: 4 & 5
Dates Used: July 2011

Likes: My children and I have been really happy with this program so far. My two oldest children ages 9 and 10 who have been in public schools until recently have really enjoyed this program, and I have been extremely happy that they are learning without complaining because the program makes learning fun.

My 4 year old is begging to try get to started now as well. For less than $50.00 a month all three of my children can get a quality education in not just one subject, but in all areas with Time4Learning. You could never pay that low of tuition for other online classes.

I thought at first it would be too amateur for my 4th and 5th graders, but it has been perfect and right on their level. I am really happy that I tried this program and I think if you are transitioning from the public school system to homeschooling, this program makes the change very easy.

Dislikes: I really like everything about the program and I think it's a great value.

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