Used Ace as a Child, and
Now as a Parent

by Debbie

I've used Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) for all regular subjects plus various electives - K (complete curric), 1st (English, math, Word Building), 3rd (Literature and Creative Writing), 4th (English), 6-12 (complete curriculum plus electives)

Dates 1992-1999, 2010-2011

Likes: I used ACE for 6-12. It was a very good fit for me. I could go at my own pace, which was very important, as English was very new to me at the time. It really helped me become fluent in English. During my college years, I was shocked to find out that my grammar was way better than that of many of my friends who had English as their first language. ACE has a strong emphasis on proper spelling and grammar, and for that, I am very thankful.

I know ACE was easy on my mom. She had time to focus on the ministry needs without having to worry about our education. I am also very thankful for the emphasis on Bible memorization throughout all subjects. Memorizing verses in college Bible classes was easy, because so many were already very familiar from 6 years of ACE.

This was my first year using ACE as a parent, and overall, I've been very pleased. My son is doing 3rd grade Literature and Creative Writing, as well as 4th grade English. He enjoys both and is doing very well with them. My daughter is doing K with Ace and Kristi and absolutely loves it!

Dislikes: I was also using 1st grade English, Math, and Word Building with a 7yo I was watching. It didn't go so well with her. It could be that I was approaching the materials the wrong way, and should've invested in ABC with Ace and Kristi before letting her do 1st grade.

I'll say I really didn't like the first grade math. It introduced the concepts in a way that seemed totally backwards to me. There was a pattern, but the student wasn't getting it at all. Same with the introduction of sounds in English. Word Building seemed to be at a much lower level than English, even though they were both for first grade. That student is still struggling to learn to read after having completed this year of materials. I will not be using first grade ACE with my daughter as a result of this experience.

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