Video Text Algebra

by Sharon Johnson
(Leavenworth, Kansas)

Product: Video Text Algebra
Subjects/levels: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2
Dates Used: 2009

Likes: I love it when I can find something that will work for my entire family! Video Text contains everything all my kids need to succeed in Algebra and move on to Video Text Geometry.

I chose to buy all three algebra classes, which included modules A-F. You can buy them separately. Each module comes in a very sturdy box which is shaped like a standing magazine file that slides into another box for complete protection. They all sit nicely on my shelves and take a little more than a cubit of space. Since they are neat in boxes, they stay looking nice and they all stay together.

Each module box includes the instructor"s guide, a bound collection of progress tests, a solutions manual, course notes, the student worktext, and the two DVDs needed for that module. Module A comes with a DVD pouch that will hold all the DVDs for the entire algebra course.

All the books are bound; there are no loose papers to lose. The course notes coincide with the lessons in the DVD so that the child can review after watching the DVD and/or follow along with the instructor on the DVD.

Yes, this program actually has an instructor talking directly to the student! I was impressed with his desire to help the student know why he was doing each step, instead of teaching him formulas with no reason.

The child is also encouraged to work toward mastery, even if one lesson takes a week of practice and study. I certainly have at least one student who needs lots of review and fails if he is forced to move on without full mastery of concepts.

It cost us over $500 for this program, but it would have cost us $300 per child times three courses if we used a program like Bob Jones DVDs. It cost me less than $30 per class for what will amount to 15 classes by the time my first grade son finishes algebra 2. Bob Jones makes you buy all the books every time you rent the DVDs. Video Text lets you buy the DVDs! Oh, do I love this!!!

The greatest thing to see is how this is helping my three oldest sons (16, 15 and 13) right now. My visual learner finally seems to really understand algebra (he did well in geometry and then reviewed algebra with Video texts starting with module A). He flew through things because he finally felt confident with algebra.

Auditory learner who struggled with visual textbooks is catching on and progressing well. My youngest teenage son is a dawdler and has a very negative attitude about his abilities, in spite of high intelligence. Even he is being encouraged by the way this program is taught. If he even thinks something sounds difficult, he convinces himself that he can't do it. Video Text is so complete in its scope and yet so simple in its explanations, that our son with the poor attitude is starting to see what we have been telling him for years; he can do it!

If that isn't enough, I can call the author and get help straight from him any time I need it! Oh, and even I, an English major who hid from math in high school and cowarded from it in college, am learning from this program!

Dislikes: The student does have to copy his own work into a notebook. These books are not workbooks. Likewise, you will need to copy the tests and quizzes from the test book or have the child copy the problems and the work onto blank paper so that the program can be used over and over.

Even though this is so much information, it is actually designed to be done in a year. I feel awkward as to how to put Algebra 1 & 2 on a high school transcript when it was completed in one year. Still, when tested, it will be obvious that they know the materials.

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