We love Rod and Staff in our homeschool!

by Amber

Product: We are currently using Rod and Staff 4th grade and preschool materials.

Subject: We are using the Bible and Nurture Reader Series, Math,English, Health, Penmanship, Spelling, ABC series workbooks,

Levels Used: 4th grade, preschool

Dates Used: We've been using Rod since last year (2007-2008 school year)

We love the biblical worldview our children are getting from these books. There is Scripture throughout the text and shows how relevant Scripture is, even in everyday Math problems. The Bible and Reader Nurture Series is awesome!

The workbooks are great for learning their vocabulary and for confirming comprehension of the text (which are Bible Stories). I also have found that, for my children, the layout and format of the texts are great. My children are easily distracted by too much color or pictures on a page and these are very simple and easy to look at.

Dislikes: The only dislike that I would like to have had with this curriculum is a consumable option for math. My son has spent more time copying the lesson that actually doing it. On the other hand, it's great writing practice.

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