We Love Switched on Schoolhouse!

by Heather
(Denver, CO, USA)

Product: Switched on Schoolhouse 2009, 3rd grade
Subject: Math, Science, History, LA
Levels Used: 3rd
Dates Used: 2009-2010

Likes: It isn't "babyish" or resembling a video game. Very easy to just "turn on and go."

Dislikes: Could be challenging for a child who didn't have good typing or computer skills. I can see why it wouldn't work for a child who is not 7 or 8.

My son is very good on the computer so he loves it. It keeps his attention, I help him along with each lesson. There are different activities here and there. It has been a lifesaver for me this year. Up until this point, we have always done eclectic Unit Studies and I was so tired (and ill) and just didn't have any energy left to put my own curriculum together anymore. Switched on Schoolhouse came along at just the right time!

My son's grandparents even bought him a laptop so he can do his work anywhere in the house where it is quiet. We can take his work on trips. It keeps track of everything for me. I can override or have him skip redundant problems or lessons. It is a Christian based curriculum, but it doesn't push it down their throats or spend all their day memorizing scripture. It will say things like "When God made fish, he gave them gills." Many of the other curricula we have looked at mentioned the Bible in EVERY problem and it felt like overkill. We don't use the SOS Bible disc so not reviewing that (we do our own devotions).

We LOVE LOVE LOVE SOS!!! No loading or technical problems at all. And if you do have any questions regarding their products, you can chat live online with a REAL person during daytime hours. I have done it 3 times and they are sooo helpful!

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