What a great curriculum!

by Edie C
(Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA)

My Father's World Curriculum

Unit Study and classical education:
History, Language, Spelling, Art, Music, Writing, Reading, Science & Bible

Level: Adventures in My Father's World (2nd grade)

currently using for the 2008-2009 school year

We have been incredibly pleased with My Father's World. Adventures is just the right amount of work for our 2nd grader. The school day is finished within a reasonable amount of time. It has worked very well for our growing family that includes a preschooler and soon to come more babies.

The curriculum is very well organized and the Teacher's manual is very logically laid out. It includes a grid at the beginning of each week's lesson plan which makes following the TM really easy. The TM also gives detailed instructions for those of us who need much more direction.

The Bible is the spine of this curriculum and we love that! History and science are taught through many "living books" which are well selected and are chosen using a Christian Worldview. Great read aloud books and with wonderful science and history textbooks as well. But the amount of read aloud time required for the parent is not nearly as time consuming as other curricula that use living books. The books are well selected and the content is age appropriate (not over my 2nd graders head).

This curriculum is very economical. Lots of reading is encouraged by including an extensive reading list that can be used by checking out books from your local library. That has helped us tremendously, since we are on such a tight budget.

The science includes fun experiments that require mostly common items from around your home. History & Bible have great hands on projects and crafts which reinforce the weekly lesson theme. All the crafts are simple enough for the craft challenged (Mom) and the materials needed are easy to find.

Language is very thorough but gentle (Charlotte Mason style) and includes Spelling where you can choose your own program or use their recommended spelling text. Language encourages dictation, grammar, spelling, narration, story telling, analysis and on and on.

Bible has daily bible readings and follows a yearly theme which is reinforced by hands on projects and posters. Adventure's theme is the names of Jesus. The science is often tied into the Bible theme for the week.

Our daughter is thriving using this program and we are thrilled! She has become a voracious reader and we know it is due to the way this curriculum encourages reading at all levels for the student.

The program is gentle but yet demanding for the student. Giving enough challenge to see great progress without overwhelming them. It is not a heavily demanding program for the teacher. Everything is already planned out for you and that has saved our growing family much time for the ever tired mother. We plan on using this curriculum all the way through until High School Graduation. We love it!

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