What I've been looking for!

by Misti
(Burkesville, KY)

Product:Total Language Plus
Subject:Language Arts
Levels Used: 3rd through 9th
Dates Used:2007-2008

Likes: I had previously used a curriculum that has 180 days of lessons. While this is nice in some ways, I felt very tied down to it. I felt like we could never skip a day to do anything different, language arts wise.

My children really enjoy and learn a lot from writing up stories, letting me edit them and explain grammatical and spelling errors and do a final copy in a hard bound blank book. Then they illustrate it. They also enjoy grammar games like Schoolhouse Grammar Rock for a change of pace.

With Total Language Plus, you can choose to do 2,3,4 or 5 book Studies a year. The book studies are fun and wonderful, but sometimes we want to take a month or 2 off to do something different like I mentioned.

TLP is flexible and takes the stress away. I also love that it is Christian and uses Bible verses in every lesson. I can't recommend this highly enough. The vocabulary is the best I've seen anywhere. The spelling is challenging but my children rise to the occasion, and I Love the copywork/dictation that is included ala Charlotte Mason.

Dislikes: I wish they had book studies that would work for 1st and 2nd grade, not just starting at 3rd.

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