Winter Promise is great for hands-on history!

by Shelley

Product: Winter Promise
Subject: American Story
Levels Used: 1 & 2 (3rd & 4th grade)
Dates Used: 2008-2009, 2009-2010

Likes: books! ease of use, multiple options, hands-on activities, literature and history based

Dislikes: not enough writing in 2nd year

We chose Winter Promise for its crafts and hands-on activities. We used Sonlight for 2 years and loved it, but my daughter wanted more projects to go along with her history studies. WP was a great fit for that, with more activities than we could complete! I also used their Language Arts, and found it to be very thorough while enjoyable for her. (3rd & 4th grade) The 1st year used a writing workbook that I loved; I felt like it really covered writing skills. The 2nd year I felt didn't really have much for writing. The Bible was just OK. It utilized devotional books. Overall, we loved WP & I will reuse it with my younger 2 in a few years.

BTW, my daughter says, "It was fun! It was just right... it wasn't too hard or too easy."

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