Are You Looking for a
Work at Home Mom Job?

Are you looking for a work at home mom job?

Many women are looking for ways to earn income for their families by working from home. At home employment reduces job related costs like gas, expensive clothing and lunches out. It also gives women more time to focus on their families.

Follow these links to find information about work at home moms opportunities in direct sales, starting a home based business, and working at home online.

Here is some information about earning income as a virtual customer service representative or administrative assistant.

Virtual Customer Service Representatives

Virtual call centers allow their employees to make or receive customer calls from the comfort of their homes. These positions provide moms with stable, legitmate incomes without the hassle and added expense of commuting to an outside office.

Many virtual customer care centers give their agents the flexibility to choose their own hours, and work as much or as little desired. These positions often require little or no previous experience, and allow representatives to receive training from home.

Some companies which offer virtual customer service jobs are:

Evaluating a Work at Home Mom Job

When evaluating a work at home mom job at a virtual call center, make sure you consider the following:

  1. Pay Structure - Will you be paid on a per hour, per minute or a per call basis? Will you be paid a set rate or receive commission and bonuses? Does the amount of pay vary according to the type of call? How often will you be paid?

  2. Benefits - Does the company offer programs like 401K, healthcare insurance and paid vacation? If so, what are the qualifications for receiving these benefits?

  3. Employment Structure - Will you be classified as an independent contractor or company employee? Employees have payroll taxes deducted from their pay checks. Independent contractors are often responsible for their own taxes, as well as some of their own costs.

  4. Responsibilities - Will you take inbound calls to process orders, input customer information or provide customer support? Will you take outbound calls? If so, will the calls be solicited or unsolicited? Will you be required to sell to customers?

  5. Training - What type of training or certification is required? Will you be paid for time spent training? Can you train for your position from home? Will you ever be required to leave your home for meetings or additional education?

  6. Scheduling - Will you have a regular, set schedule or will it vary from week to week? Will you set your own schedule? How far in advance will you set your hours?

    What is the minimum number of hours that you must work? What is the minimum number of calls you must make/receive? Are there peak time periods that will allow you to maximize your income?

  7. Technical Requirements - What type of computer and telephone equipment will you need? What type of internet and telephone service is required? Does the company offer technical support? What costs are you responsible for?

  8. Application Process - What type of experience is required? How do you apply? Will you be interviewed in person or by telephone? Will you have to submit to a background check or drug test? How quickly can you get started? Can the position lead to additional career opportunities within the company?

Virtual Secretaries

Virtual administrative assistants, or cyber secretaries, perform administrative tasks like transcription, scheduling and telephone duties from home. Some of these opportunites require previous administrative experience and an exam to test typing speed.

Speak Write is a company that provides at home employment for those with word processing and legal experience.

Make sure you thoroughly evaluate all of your options before making a decision so you can find the work at home mom job that's right for you!

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