Are You Looking for a
Work at Home Moms Opportunity?

Are you looking for a work at home moms opportunity?

Many moms are looking for legitmate ways to help their families by earning income from home. They desire the flexibility and increased family time that comes with working at home. They may also want to eliminate food, clothing and travel costs related to working away from home.

Follow these links to find information about working at home in customer service, starting a home based business, and working at home online.

Here is some information about finding a work at home moms opportunity in direct sales.

Direct Sales

Direct sales provides moms with opportunities to earn income while sharing their favorite products with others. Direct sales companies allow their consultants to follow a path to success by providing them with all of the training, promotional materials and support they need to succeed.

As direct sales consultants, moms receive the benefits of being their own boss without the taking on the full risks of owning a business. Most companies have low start up fees and a structure that allows moms to be successful while working as little as 1-2 hours per day.

These organizations are great at bringing out the best in their representatives, regardless of their income level or educational background.

Women often choose to represent products they purchase and enjoy such as children's products, home decor, kitchen products, food mixes, healthcare products, candles, beauty products, greeting cards, books and jewelry.

Evaluating a Work at Home Moms Opportunity

When choosing a direct sales company, choose a field that you are truly interested in and passionate about. Represent a high quality, reasonably priced product that you will be proud to share with others. Make sure the company also offers great service.

Here are some questions to ask when evaluating a work at home moms opportunity:

  1. What are the start up costs?

    Make sure you are aware of the costs of supplies and promotional materials in addition to the cost of the starter kit.

  2. What is provided in the starter kit?

    Are you paying for an actual product or paying to join the company? Beware of companies that require a fee to join or make you pay for a list of leads.

  3. How will you sell and promote your products?

    Some companies restrict sales to home shows and one on one visits. Others allow consultants to set up booths at community events.

    Find out the company's advertising policy. Will you be permitted to sell products online? If so, does the company provde an e-commerce website?

  4. Are there any minimum purchases or sales quotas?

    Find out if there are any weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual sales requirments. What do you have to do to stay active with the company?

  5. How is your pay determined and how often will you be paid?

    Make sure you understand the company's pay structure, and the types of bonuses and non-cash incentives that are offered. How often will you be paid? How quickly can you expect to earn income?

  6. Will you be paid as a result of your sales effors or from bringing others into the company?

    Shy away from companies that pressure you to promote the income opportunity itself instead of an actual product.

  7. Are you required to recruit others to join the company?

    Find out whether or not you are required to get other consultants to join the company. How many representatives are in your area? If you are in an area where the market is saturated, that may hamper your recruiting efforts.

  8. Will you be required to carry inventory?

    Will the company ship products according to what is ordered or will you be required to purchase and store inventory? If you are required to carry inventory, find out if there is a buy back program for products you don't sell.

  9. What type of training and support is offered?

    Many direct sales companies train their employees through training booklets, CD's, DVD's, websites and online chats. Others utilize team meetings and personal coaching, or a any combination of the above.

  10. How much time will you have to invest to build a successful business?

    In addition to the time you will need to spend promoting products, find out how much time you will have to spend attending training sessions, team meetings and conventions.

Work at Home Moms Beware

Some direct sales companies provide their consultants with the opportunity to earn commission from the sales of others who join them in the business. This work at home moms opportunity is known as network marketing.

Although many people advise work at home moms to beware of network marketing because of the potential scams, there are many legitimate network marketing opportunities that allow moms to thrive.

When evaluating a network marketing opportunity, be careful to:

  • Thoroughly research the company and opportunity. The company name and contact information should be listed on all promotional material.

  • Understand the opportunity before investing in the company. Be wary of any company that asks you to spend money before giving you details about the business.

  • Stay away from get rich quick schemes. If a company promises large amounts of money in a short time, with little effort, they will likely be unable to deliver on their promises.

My Experience with Network Marketing

I tried several at home businesses before enjoying success with the Usborne Books at Home work at home moms opportunity.

As an Usborne books consultant, I earn a steady income from sharing my love of books with teachers, librarians, homeschoolers, parents and children.

Here is the story of my experience as an Usborne books at home consultant. Here is a detailed explanation of home based business opportunities with Usborne. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about starting an Usborne Books at Home business.

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