World Wide Montessori Preschool

by Veronica
(Buffalo, NY, USA)

Product: World Wide Montessori Albums
Subject: Preschool (3-6)
Levels Used: Preschool
Dates Used: May 2009 to present

- very thorough (some albums are over 300 pages long)
- email and group support
- additional notes on organization, preschool behaviors, common issues, Montessori philosophy, etc.
- inexpensive ($120 paid monthly for 12 months at $10/month)
- a Fast Track option at $20/month for 6 months

Karen Tyler practically holds your hand as you begin your homeschool Montessori journey. Her albums are very thorough in that not only do they offer up presentations, but they also include order, tracking lists, photos, and philosophies behind each subject area. You can either choose to download all the information through the group forum or have her email you directly with the information and choose to print all or portions when you need it.

In addition, she provides relevant and practical information throughout discussing the Montessori Method, preschool behaviors to expect and how to work through them, as well as organizational and material ideas.

She also allows you direct contact through email support for any bumps in the road you may hit (and let's face it, we all hit bumps in the road).

If you choose to print the albums in their entirety, it can use lots(!) of paper and ink. But then again, this is probably what keeps the cost low, so it's hard to complain.

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