Writing Road to Reading

by Angelle
(Foley, AL)

Product: Writing Road to Reading
Subject: Language Arts
Levels Used: Prek - First Grade
Dates Used: 2005-present

Likes: I love the philosophy of this program. It has worked very well for my daughter who was more interested in learning to write her letters and words than learning to read. It was kind of like tricking her into reading. My younger son has done great with it also. His motor skills are not at the level that his reading ability is so I have allowed him to use magnetic letters for his spelling lessons.

This year I purchased the first grade teacher's manual. It was worth every penny. Daily lessons are laid out for the spelling, writing and reading lesson for the first two weeks. After that it goes to a weekly lesson plan. This has allowed me to feel confident that I am teaching things in the correct order and covering all aspects of what they are suppose to do everyday.

Dislikes: It took me a good several weeks of reading the book and teacher's manual to feel confident that I could teach things the correct way.

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