Writing with Ease

by Holly

Writing with Ease for Grades 1,2,and 3.

Dates used: 2008 to present.

I have been using the Grade 1 and 2 workbook for the previous calendar year and now I am starting with the Grade 2 and just released Grade 3 books.

I love this program. It is the standard copywork, narration, and dictation program. However, she has broken this program down and gives passages for the narration. For the child that needs help summarizing a small passage, she has questions that help the parent start the process of summation.

Her material is all taken from excellent children's literature and she sticks with a work of literature for a week. I found her approach to be excellent for a child with learning issues but I suspect that the Grade 1 and 2 books might move to slowly for a more normal child.

Grade 1 is copywork and narration only.
Grade 2 is narration, copywork, dication (of the passage copied on the previous day) and the a narration/dictation.

The sentences are applicable and she gives a fabulous description of what the teacher should be highlighting in each copywork/dictation passage.

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