You've Been Sentenced!

by Sharon Johnson
(Leavenworth, Kansas)

Game: You've Been Sentenced!

Age Levels: 2nd grade to adult (our 1st grade son plays with help

Now THIS is a home schooler's game!

Each player is given the same amount of cards. These cards have different word choices on each card. One player announces that the game has begun and then each player begins shifting his own cards to make a sentence. Not all cards need to be used, but bonus points are given for a hand in which all the cards are used.

The object is to make a sentence that makes sense. The first player to finish that hand turns the timer over and warns the other players. They now must finish before the time is up. That keeps the game going quick enough. When the time is up, each player takes turns reading his or her own sentence. Then each player votes as to whether the sentence makes sense. They go to jail and get no points for that round if the sentence doesn't make sense; that is the double meaning in the name of the game.

This is such a great way to increase vocabulary and expand creativity while getting quick practice in subject/verb agreement. The kids all beg to play this during family times. I even used this for special days in a co-op writing class for 10th grade students; they thought is was great fun.

I have noticed improvement in sentence formation in a couple of my children when we regularly play this game. It is a very fun way to enrich any language arts program. It is also loads of fun for even a dad who doesn't usually like language games.

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