Alpha Omega Horizons Math

by Sarah
(Jacksonville, FL USA)

Product: Horizons Math
Subject: Math
Levels Used: 1-3
Dates Used: 2006-2008

Likes: We love this Math Program! My son has always struggled in Math and after trying several programs we decided to make the switch to Horizons.

He was pretty behind so we started with level 1 when he was in 2nd grade to catch up. The first 20 lessons were VERY easy which gave him a lot of confidence to help him succeed. I like how the different lessons are broken down into different exercises and a lot of things are repeated to help them remember and build on what they have learned.

I also like that it is more advanced than what the public schools are teaching. So every year when we get him tested, though he is a whole level behind in Horizons he still passes for the grade level he is currently in!

I also like the teacher's guides and how simple it is to use without lots of manipulatives. It is also good for independent work and does not require the teacher to lean over the student helping the entire time.

Some very repetitive exercises.

There are some things taught that they aren't even tested on or expected to learn yet for that grade.

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