Apologia - Best Science for all Ages

by Heidi
(Greenwich, OH)

Product:Flying Creatures of the fifth day, Swimming Creatures, General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry

Subject: Science

Levels Used: Almost all!

Dates Used: 2006 to present

Likes: What's not to like! This is the best Science program out there. I love reading the Zoology books with my younger children. My older children (grade 9 and up) all do their Science with absolutely no complaints (Chemistry is getting a little tough though).It is SO self teaching. The reading is interesting. They answer the questions in their notebooks and check their own work. I did start General Science a year later than they suggest. General (8th grade), Physical (9th), Bio (10th), Chemistry (11th)

Dislikes: Only dislike is that I wish I would have found this sooner!

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