Apologia Exploring Creation through Astronomy

by Laura
(North East, MD USA)

Product:Expoloring Creation through Astronomy
Subject: Science
Levels Used:pre-K, 2nd and 5th taught together
Dates Used: September 2007 - May 2008

Likes: What drew me to this book was the ability to use it with ALL my children rather than needing a separate plan for each one. The conversational style of writing was a welcome relief to the more textbook "fact" style. The older kids took turns reading aloud with me and the youngest could absorb from what we read. The projects in each chapter were relatively easy to do and required little that was not already in the house. Overall, my life was a bit easier not having to plan for all levels and the kids could do projects together.

One thing that I really appreciated was Ms. Fulbright's inclusion of both her view of how something came to be and what others believe. As avid watchers of programs on Discovery Channel, etc., my eldest son would be quick to argue her points - often before we had read the "opposing side's" views.

Dislikes: I knew when purchasing this book that the author has a creationist view for science. While I agree on the premise that God created the world, I did find some of the wording to be a bit awkward when read. If you fully believe all that creation scientists believe, then the wording might be fine for you. However, as someone who trained in the sciences and does not believe in a literal interpretation of dates from the Bible, it was harder to swallow. My husband couldn't stomach it at all (when he overheard any of our reading) and wondered why I spent money on the program.

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