Apologia Exploring Creation through Botany is great fun!

by Jacquie
(Wooster, OH)

Product: Apologia Exploring creation with Botany
Subject: science
Levels Used: 1st grade
Dates Used: August 2010-april 2011

-Lots of hands on activities
-Very well written and Christian based
-She includes facts that confirm creation which I love!
-Can be used for a variety of levels from 1st--6th.
-The notebook companion was great because it had all the worksheets and activities right there plus a lesson plan for the year!

Some of the terminology can be a bit much for younger kids and I'm not sure if older kids could read them easily. This made some of the material hard for my 1st grader to understand so we had to do a lot of paraphrasing.

We've really enjoyed using this program this year. My daughter really looked forward to the experiments and loved drawing and coloring in the notebook pages to illustrate what she'd learned. I know she learned a lot about plants this year and so did I!

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