Apologia General Science

by Sherri

Product: Apologia General Science
Subject: Science
Dates Used: First and Second editions

Likes: I've taught this in a weekly tutorial for a few years, so I've had kids at varying levels. They all appear to be able to handle the work. I've found the text easy to read, and I think he covers the material well.

The second half of the book is usually a bigger hit than the first half - the second part deals with life and body systems, while the first half is history of science, intro to scientific thought, geology, fossils. Don't let the first chapter (history of science) scare you off! It covers many scientists and throws a lot of information at you, but things calm down after that.

Also, there aren't any real surprises on the tests. If the student knows the material from the study guide at the end of the chapter, they should be fine on the test.

Dislikes: None, really. My daughter doesn't like science and she did fine with this book. It's a general overview, and I think it's a good transition into the harder sciences.

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