Apologia Physical Science

by Rebekah
(Kissimmee, FL USA)

Apologia Physical Science
9th grade

We just started using this science program as my son is entering 9th grade. We have just finished up module 2. My son loves this curriculum because there is an experiment every few pages. He loves doing science and wants to do it first thing every day. He is really learning so much from the book. It covers a lot of ground and seems to me to be harder than the science I remember in 9th grade 20+ years ago.

The thing we love about it is that the writer writes the chapters like he is right there speaking to you. It is more like dialog than just a bunch of words on a page. If you utilize all of the extra questions and study guides that come along with it and take about 2 weeks per module, I believe your child will get the most out of it.

I also purchased the experiment kit to go along with it. I felt it was worth the money and not having to go out and purchase all of those items on my own. I felt the cost was worth the time, effort and price of having to buy everything on my own.

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