Apologia Science Curriculum Rocks!

by Nancy
(Melcroft, PA)

Product: Apologia Science Curriculum
Subject: General Science and Botany
Levels Used: 3rd and 7th grade
Dates Used: 2008-2009

Likes: I had been looking for a good, in-depth Christian Science program which was thorough scientifically, but also made my boys and I excited about God's creation. I found all this in the Apologia series.

We are doing General Science with our oldest boy and Botany with our youngest. One neat thing about this curriculum is that we are able to do most of the experiments with both of them, each at their own level.

Another thing I like about Apologia science curriculum is that most ingredients for the experiments are found right at home and the experiments themselves are very interesting and bring the lessons home.

Dislikes: There is a LOT of reading with General Science and my son does not like to read. We have been taking turns in doing the reading and/or using the cd-rom which "reads" it for you by narrating the chapters.

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