by Theresa
(Bayfield,Colorado USA)

Apologia is currently the only Science that my girls and I use. It provides a compatible, comprehensive and collective science that is fun to read.

We began Apologia 2 springs ago with Exploring Creation with Botany, at this very moment we are studying Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. The reading is expanding over many subjects thus far that include as far back to the dinosaurs. We look forward to all of the Apologia science lessons throughout my daughters' learning. We are excited for Exploring Creation with Zoology, because we have a daughter very interested in becoming a Vet in the future while my other daughter wants to be a dentist. The Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy & Physiology will help assist in these areas. The other Science books will help encourage their thoughts on life on earth that God created so beautifully.

Other soon to purchase books we want are: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day, Exploring Creation with Zoology and Land Animals of the Sixth Day.

I recap and appreciate the authors way of explaining his exploration in a very clear and comprehensive way. In addition with an enthusiasm for his excitement for life. The two books we have read refer back to how it is God's creation with beautiful illustrations that have encouraged and ignited my daughters hearts for exploration. It is just what a home scholar should invest in if you want to learn the most out of life and the applications of science. I personally love to sit down with my daughters for a science reading in Apologia, it is easy reading for all ages.

I look forward to the handed down curriculum that will explain and guide my soon to be middle school aged daughter. This reading is never above the thoughts of the children, it is at their understanding level. We are fortunate to know that we will be geared for college with such beautiful and comprehensive reading to support their love on learning.

We would encourage anyone looking for a fantastic science program that relates it back to God's Creation to purchase this science for their home scholar. The clarity, the fun reading and the projects to support the learning are great to watch my children accomplish. Thank you to Apologia my girls LOVE science!

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