AVKO Sequential Spelling

by Rachel

Product:AVKO Sequential Spelling
Levels Used:1
Dates Used:August-September 2008

Likes:I got this program when my 7 year old daughter, who hates to write when she doesn't know how to spell words correctly, begged to take spelling this year. I had initially looked at other programs such as Spelling Workout, but they all seemed very "worksheet-y" and shallow.

We love this program. Words are presented in "families" such as: out, shout, about, etc, so that success with the first easy word, leads to success with bigger and more difficult words. My daughter's writing confidence has soared.

The lessons only take about 15 minutes a day, and she enjoys them because the words are interesting (and she loves watching Mom try to come up with sentences to use them in).

This program can be used for anyone who has trouble with spelling, including adults, because it isn't geared for a specific age or grade level.

Dislikes: I don't have any dislikes of this program, but it does require more input on the teacher's part than assigning pages in a book. It looks a little scary, as it basically just consists of lists of words to read to the student, but the introductory text walks you through the first several days, and it's very easy after that.

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