Before Five in A Row

by Angelle
(Foley, AL)

Product: Before Five in A Row
Subject: Unit Study
Levels Used: Before Five in A Row
Dates Used: Aug. 2007 - May 2008

Likes: I used this program for one school year with my 3 children ages 2-5. My kids and I loved the books that were in this study. They enjoyed acting the stories out for weeks after reading each story. They would ask me to read the books over and over again. I loved to just get a book and have all three of them huddled around the sofa and asking me to read the book over and over. The suggested activities gave our family a gentle introduction to school. Prior to this experience my 5 year old daughter did not enjoy being read to. By the end of the year we had worked up to reading several books for about 45 minutes at one time. The books in this study captured her interest and lit a fire.

Dislikes: To make it fun and interactive it took some preparation on my part each week. But it was well worth the time I spent.

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