Best Christian Science Curriculum Available

by Misti
(Burkesville, KY)

Product: Apologia Science
Subject: Science
Levels Used: 4 Elementary Levels and General Science

Dates Used: 2004-2008

Likes: The Elementary Sciences are so good. I Love how they teach above the children's levels so they can pick up harder ideas, and not talk down to them or "dumb" the curriculum down. We have used 4 of the Elementary books and my children learned so much and always looked forward to Science.

My 10 yr old, on his own, asked if he could do Swimming and Flying Creatures for his science this year instead of other options I showed him. (He wanted to do TWO books for this year...usually one covers a year) He is doing it and loving it.

My oldest just started General Science. He is a science minded person and he LOVES this curriculum. It is definitely a challenge but he's been studying and doing great on the tests...which I was happy to see cause he's never had to take tests before.

Dislikes: The Middle and High School levels might be a bit hard for non science minded children. My 2nd born is not a Science lover so I'll be curious to see how he does with General Sciene in 2 yrs. He's doing great w/ the Elementary levels now though.

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