Bob Books

by Julie G.

After my children learned their lesson sounds and I wanted to take them on to the next stage, I was at a loss as to where to turn. I looked at several home school phonics schemes, but they all seemed quite difficult for that first stage of reading. It was like there was some other 'magic' stage your child had to get through before they could use them!

So I was very happy, when another homeschooler recommended Bob Books to me. These tiny little books are perfect for that early reading stage.

Each booklet is very short (only about 4 or 5 pages) and introduces only a few words. This worked really well - the children knew they could get through them quickly, but still have the pleasure of 'finishing' the whole book.

The scheme moves slowly, so a new book could be introduced every day without getting into overload. The first set of books (Level A Set 1) shows the beginning sounds for that book on the first page (so you can easily see which letter sounds will be used). The following sets move to having a list of vowel sounds and words used in the back of the book.

To be honest, some of the books are boring (it is difficult to write a story with 5 words and make it exciting!). But the little black and white drawings on each page help to add to the humor and appeal of the books.

So how did they work for us?

My daughter began to read through the first box of books and then stopped. She said she didn't like the stories. I tried her on Teach You Child to Read instead - no joy! In the end she picked up some 'look and learn' type books from the library and taught herself to read (in bed - no mummy helping!).

She never really did get the phonics thing until much later!

My son however, loved the books. He made them his own by coloring the pictures, and would spend lots of time looking through them by himself. I didn't try to do them in a set order with him - just made a set at a time available to him. When reading to me he would generally pick a book he knew he could read, but he would keep looking at the others, and could soon read each set.

So we did have some success. I think the Bob books bridge a gap that many early readers seem to skip over. Of course, they won't suit every child - but they are a great way to put your pre-schooler on the road to reading.

Note: This review was written by Julie from Homeschooling Ideas.

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Levels Used: first boxed set
Dates Used: 2010-2011

This books are so cute and my daughter loves them! She gets so excited when we bring out the little box with her little books in it.

To me, the stories and illustrations are boring! But, my daughter doesn't seem to agree :)

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