Classical Writing

We are using Classical Writing Aesop A.

This program is composed of a core book (starting with Aesop), instructor's guide and a student workbook. You can use just the core book, but the help the instructor's guide and student workbook give are invaluable especially if you have no experience with the progymnasmata. (The progymnasmata is the set of writing exercises developed by the Greeks on which Classical Writing is based.)

Classical Writing incorporates not only composition, but also grammar and spelling. (Though you might want to supplement with your own spelling program depending on your child's needs.) The instructor's guide lays out a few different schedules you can follow.

Writing habits are learned through imitation; retellings of good examples. The provided examples in the instructor's guide and student workbooks include fables by Aesop, fairy tales, legends retold by Baldwin as well as passages from the Bible. By imitating classic literature, the student doesn't have to worry about figuring out content, but can instead focus on mechanics; how to craft good writing. There are also suggestions in the core book on how to incorporate other subjects your children are working on to further practice composition skills.

I appreciate having one integrated English program instead of having to juggle different composition, grammar, and spelling programs.

cons: It can be difficult to wrap your head around just how to implement the program by just reading the core book. However, the student workbook and instructor's guide lay it out quite nicely and easily.

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Teacher Intensive, but Worth It

by Michael

Levels Used: Aesop and Homer
Dates Used: 2009-Present

Likes: I like Classical Writing so far. My younger daughter is using the Aesop and my older is using Homer. I really like the classical education approach. I have been through so many writing programs that may work in mechanics, but do not get in the why's and how's of it. This program is different.

This program is very meaty. It is not something you can let your children use independently. It requires teacher instruction each day.

Aesop is a simple start to this approach to writing. My daughter using Aesop has had not any formal writing instruction and did not do well with my early lessons from other programs. I have been using Aesop and she is writing wonderful papers.

Homer is much more meaty. I am having to study the primer before lessons. This program takes from 30 minutes to an hour a day depending on the student and includes etymology and parsing.

Overall I am planning to use this program with all my children through their school careers. I want them to be able to analyze and understand information as well as have a good writing foundation for college.

Dislikes: It does require a lot of teacher time which is hard when you have three different level students. It is also a little pricey.

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