Don't be intimidated by Spell to Write and Read!

by Kelly
(Albuquerque, NM)

Product: Spell to Write and Read
Subject: phonics
Levels Used: 1st and 3rd grade
Dates Used: used going on 4 years now

Dislikes: none!

Like: While this program may seem intimidating or daunting it is none of that once you get started. I started looking for a phonics based program when I was frustrated with another program and how they failed to introduce phonemic sounds for each letter. (ie the letter "A" says a/A/ah) and my son was having a hard time figuring out when to say each sound. I stumbled upon Spell to Write and Read and found out a friend of mine also used it. She gave me the run down of the program and I joined the SWR yahoo group. This is also a wonderful asset to be able to ask questions and find detailed answers.

The most trouble I had with SWR was actually beginning my own learning log (considered necessary to teach), but once I actually began the whole program started to make sense. The funny thing is, my kids had no problem following any part of the program at all! My two oldest now have the keys they need to learn to read any book they choose. They have on many occasions gone into my husband's office and chosen one of his books and read a random page to their Dad. (Understanding content with Dad's books is another thing, but I am not worried about that at ages 8 and 6!)

The fact is as I have taught them the phonograms and rules (from SWR) they have the confidence and ability to read any thing they want to. This is giving the a love for reading without tears, without strife, and now my 2 year old and 4 year old are being equipped as well as they are learning their alphabet! Thanks SWR!

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