Exploring Creation through Astronomy

by Theresa
(Manitoba, Canada)

product: Exploring Creation through Astronomy
subject: Science - astronomy
levels used: Gr 1 (but its good for grade 1-5)
dates used: 2009-2010

I love the way this curricula moves logically through the solar system explaining all the details. My son and I sit and read it like a book, then do the experiments together. There is also a notebook that we do (downloaded the files for free and printed it). There are no tests but knowledge is reviewed by narration (oral and on notebooking pages).

The experiments are clear, and use everyday items.

I love the Apologia aspect of this curriculum. My son is learning that although others believe in evolution we believe differently and it is scientifically based. He is learning that it's OK to believe differently and that lots of things can be "proven" by science. He has been talking to our neighbour (13 yrs old) about evolution and he has answers to his questions!

The book is quality hardcover, excellent pictures.

Can't think of a thing!

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