Exploring Creation with. . . .

by Judi

Product: Exploring Creation is the elementary level curriculum written by Jeanne Fulbright and is designed for 4th-8th grade students.

Subject: Science
Levels Used: Astronomy, Botany, and Zoology 1
Dates Used: 2007-2009

Likes: This curriculum is very thorough. Each subject is studied for a full year so the student really learns about each topic. There are hands on activities so it keeps it from being dull and the multi-sensory approach helps all learning styles.

For those who follow the Charlotte Mason approach to learning, this curriculum incorporates 'tellings' and nature study for each subject. The curriculum is easy to follow for any teacher and a thorough knowledge of the subject is not necessary. It can also be used for several ages at once so you don't need to invest in several curriculums for different age groups!

Dislikes: We have so thoroughly enjoyed this it is hard to think of what I dislike. I am using it for multiple age children and at times it is written above my younger students (2nd and 3rd grade). But since the curriculum is written for older students that is to be expected.

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