Fantastic Math Program

by Lisa B.
(Embden, ME USA)

Product: Math-U-See
Subject: Math
Levels Used: Alpha & Beta
Dates Used: 2007 to present

Likes: When I first started homeschooling back in 2001 I looked at Math-U-See (MUS) & thought it was THE math program for me. However, since I only had a kindergarten student I passed. Let me tell you this - don't make the same mistake I did!

MUS is a great program. It makes math easy & learning fun. I find the DVDs/VHS tapes extremely helpful & allow Steve Demme to teach my children for me. It works great. I am not a math person. I needed a strong math program and this one is it. I simply can't stress enough how much I like MUS.

Dislikes: Materials can only be bought new directly from the MUS website. While teacher texts & videos are easy to find used, it's hard to find student texts used & you need to pay a separate shipping price to buy them directly from MUS instead of being able to combine orders with other curriculum. I wish they would print the lessons back to back on the pages. They pages are only printed on one side. I don't like the spiral binding (personal preference).

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