FIAR Volume IV

by Ami

Product: FIAR Volume IV

Subject: Unit Study (you need to add steady math and grammar/spelling, if desired)

Dates Used: 2008

For a general review of FIAR, please see my other review (FIAR Volumes I-III).

Volume IV is for ages 7-8 (I think it could be used with 9 year olds as well). The picture books used for this volume are WONDERFUL; they are longer and cover more mature themes. The lessons are beefier and more plentiful. The volume is THICK! :) In addition to the regular lessons (science, art, applied math, social studies, and language arts), you also get Bible/character lessons and recipes to cook!

Volume IV has so many lessons that you can "row" each book for at least two weeks. We probably average reading the book 4 times in the 2 week period.

Dislikes: Many of the books used for Volume IV are out of print. You may need to ILL them because the prices on these books used are too high.

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