FIAR Volumes I-III (ages 4-8)

by Ami

Product: FIAR Volumes I-III

Subject: Unit Study (we used for science, history, language arts, and art)

Dates Used: 2005-2008
This is a literature based unit study. You need to add a solid, steady math program and a phonics or spelling/grammar program depending on your student's age/ability.

It uses living books as the vehicle to teach your students all kinds of wonderful things about life and the great big world around them.

You read the book five times in a row (hence the name) and each day you pull various lessons (you pick from the manual) from the story you've read. The manuals are filled with ideas for discussion as well as hands-on lessons.

This kind of learning is unique. It is a gentle approach that promotes life-long learning and relationship building. My son has had no other curriculum and he is so excited to learn about this great big world!

Because the lessons are tied to literature, your student is more likely to remember what he has learned. At four years old my son could locate lots of places on the map! He wanted to know where these characters lived and he wanted to learn more about where these characters lived.

My son is almost seven now. He can point out almost any place on the globe. FIAR sparked an interest in geography that got him really excited about learning! It has done this same thing for him in other areas of learning, too! In the midst of producing a little boy who loves to learn, it has also given us a lot of great memories to look back on. School with FIAR was never a chore for either one of us. It was enjoyable.

The manuals are very reasonably priced. I think they are about $25 each now. We used one per year. So for $25 we had all the science, history, and art we needed for a year!

If you are more interested in lighting a fire than filling a bucket, please check FIAR out. :)

Some lessons (only a few) are just ideas. You have to add some meat (supplemental books, etc.) to them if you choose to use them.

Some students have a hard time listening to the story five times in a row, but I think this is a key element of the program. The repetition reinforces lessons learned. It teaches students to read beyond plot - to dig deep for buried treasure; it encourages thinking and observation skills.

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