Fun to use and great enrichment - even for older students!

by Karen M

Product: Five in a Row Volume 1-4
Subject: Multi-subject
Levels Used: Used the regular level
Dates Used: 2005-2006, 2009

Likes: My plan was to use it with my younger two while the older two did a different curriculum. They were 3, 7, 9, 13 at the time. My 13 yo had learning challenges so his learning was more on the same level as the 9 yo. The 3 yo was more or less just listening in and I helped her do some activities. We made a little booklet each week and included topics from each days lessons. We jumped around between volumes so that we could travel from country to country. The older two got so excited about what the younger ones were doing that they ended up asking to ditch what they were using and worked with us using the FIAR. I just expected that the material in their books would be more detailed. It worked out really great. Each week the older two would plan the go along meal and give assignments for the 7 yo to help out. The 13 yo that was finally just really starting to read would read the book on day 5. Because he had heard the story so often he was able to read smoothly and with expression which was a big boost for him.

Dislikes: The only problem we had was because we were attempting to travel the globe there were some areas that were not covered in the prepared material of the FIAR volumes. But after a few months of practicing with the FIAR material I was able to locate some pictures books for the areas we were missing and make up my own activities that were similar in nature.

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