Great Curriculum for the Busy Mom

by Kay in PA
(Penns Woods)

Product: Heart of Dakota (HOD)
Subject: All
Levels Used: Preparing Hearts for His Glory (3rd & 5th) Little Hearts for His Glory (K & 1st)

Dates Used: 8/25/2008 - Current

Likes: The Heart of Dakota Curriculum is a literature based, Charlotte Mason style program. It is great for the busy mom because there is very little preparation, you just open the manual and go. The art/crafts uses items that are mostly found around the house.

I love the way she ties the subjects together. Bible is not a forgotten subject and I love the way that scripture memorization is included.

HOD is very adaptable to the various needs of your children which as a mother of 5 I find very important. While it suggests and gives lesson plans for a math (Singapore) and grammar (Rod & Staff) program, you can very easily substitute your own program.

Their website includes a message board where any questions are answered by other uses and the author herself. In previous years I have been eclectic and tried to tie together my own curriculum because I haven't found one that suited my needs and fit into my budget, now I finally have.

I have found this to be a very well rounded program. Some people might think it is light when first looking at it, but it is not. I have been very happy with it.

Dislikes: none that I can think of

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