Hands of A Child - Great Supplement

by Karen M

Product - Hands of Child Lapbook

Subject - Social Studies

Levels Used - Multiple levels. We used several different lapbooks products from this company from one of the PreK units to one I did on my own as because I was interested in the topic.

Dates Used - We've used several books over the course of the last 4 years. They are not our main curriculum but we use them to supplement what we are doing, study a special area of interest for upcoming events, or study something of interest not related to any other event or study.

Likes - I love the fact there there is no age limit on fun learning using lapbooks. My pre-K daughter has as much fun learning with her 1st lapbook as I did completing one on my own as an adult.

I love that many can be easily adjusted for a wide variety of ages. They can make great unit studies bases with lots of supplement or with the study guide they can be used for a quick reenforcement of other materials studied or an exploration of a topic of interest without having to do a full blown unit.

They are fun to go back and look at a couple of years later and see how much growth your children have had.

I have used them as special one on one project with my child which gives you something special to share. But we have also used them with the whole family and it was fun to see how their answers varied from child to child on the same topic.

Dislikes - The cutting can be tedious. If you have children with motor issues you will need to be prepared to do the cutting yourself.

I also found I better success if the books were already cut out and ready to use for the day. At my house, cutting and trying to complete the book at the same time seemed to slow the process way down and result in less quality in their answers. It was almost like they used up their energy in being careful in their cutting and didn't have anything left to really give good answers.

After that first encounter with the process I either spend a day getting everything cut and prepared ahead of time for them or we start out with a cutting day where they get all their cutting done and then begin the next day.

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