Heart of Dakota (HOD) Curriculum - wish I found it sooner!

by Tammy M.
(Rochester, NY)

Product: Heart of Dakota Curriculum
Subject: Unit studies (all subjects)
Levels Used: Little Hands to Heaven (for ages 2-5, used it for pre-k) and Little Hearts for His Glory for ages 5-7, used it for 1st grade)

Dates Used: Currently (2008-2009 school year) and planning to use it next year, too!

Likes: This is the best curriculum I have tried so far for our family. Let me tell you, this has been a God-send. This program is unique in that it is a unit study that combines some textbooks, workbooks and activities. It requires little prep. The activities require supplies you most likely have on hand. It is easy to follow. I have used textbook-based curriculum and other literature-based/rich, unit curriculums and I couldn't stand it. The textbooks based ones were boring and overwhelming. The other unit curriculum had so many projects that I never had the supplies and each subject took too long with very little Bible in it.

HOD takes the best that is out there and puts it together with a very easy to follow teacher's manual, fun and easy activities and covers the important subjects. A lot of curriculums provide their own math, phonics, science etc. HOD doesn't re-invent the wheel and also allows the HS parent to choose what is best for their child(ren). So, if you have a particular phonics program you want to use, you can do so without completely deviating from the teacher's manual. It is affordable and easy to do in blocks throughout the day around other activities. There is a discussion board on the publisher's website: www.heartofdakota.com. I like the curriculum so much I started a yahoogroup to help HS moms talk:


Dislikes: It does not include health and you will need to incorporate your own activities for physical education, but that is typical. It takes a little effort to figure out what direction to go in for making choices where they are permitted. There have been some books that are changed so you need to get an addendum for the teacher's manual online.

I honestly have not found too many dislikes. So far nothing I cannot handle. I have seen such an improvement over the other options out there. Oh, I thought of one! It doesn't go all the way through High School! (Not sure unit studies are appropriate for High School, but I still would love a curriculum that Carrie Austin wrote as a guide in making choices when my kids get there.) :)

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