Heart of Dakota - loving it!

by Lynn

Product: Preparing Hearts for His Glory
Subject: all subjects
Levels Used: 5th grade
Dates Used: August 2009-still using

Likes: I am a new homeschooler and I love how this curriculum ties everything together for me. There is a wonderful mixture of hands on activities, copy work, reading, and read alouds.

On the surface it may look light, but once you get a few weeks into it you see how meaty it really is. The activities build on previous activities and each week a little more is expected of the student.

Living Books are used to teach history and science. My son has loved the poetry study that looks at poems of Robert Louis Stevenson. He loves writing his own poem each week.

The main thing I love about this curriculum is that the Bible is fully integrated into the subjects, not just a side note. I also like that you don't have to use her suggestions for Math and Grammar. We use something different and it works great.

Dislikes: The science is a little light if you have a kid that loves science, but there are only 4 days scheduled in this curriculum so you can add more if you feel the need to.

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