Heart of Dakota's Little Hearts for His Glory

by Karen
(Southern Maine, USA)

Product: Little Hearts for His Glory
Subject: Full Curriculum
Levels Used: ages 5-7
Dates Used: Sept. 2008

This is what Little Hearts for His Glory (the other levels are similar) is like. There are 34 units divided into 5 days. Each day is laid out in the book on a two page spread divided into 9 boxes.

The left side of the book is "Learning Through History" and includes a Bible story and may also include a selection from the associated history reader, a gross motor activity, a key Bible verse and suggested song as well as a science, art or dramatic play activity.

On the right side of the book is the "Learning the Basics" part of the curriculum. The author suggests a phonics and math curriculum, but leaves that decision up to the parents; providing reminder boxes instead. There is a handwriting or critical thinking skill activity and storytime chapter book selection.

Likes: I love that everything is connected to scripture. The same Biblical theme carries us through our day/week. I love that the program is flexible enough that if I need to do other things, I can squeeze it in at various times of the day. (Each box should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.) I love the Charlotte Mason style that is not "too much."

It is wonderfully simplistic in its set up, but not too simple that I feel I have to add this or that to it. This is my first year with it, but already I am planning to buy next year's book (well, actually I already did...it's in the mail!)

I am so glad that the author opted to leave math/phonics up to the parents; we don't use her suggested phonics program because we have one we love. I did buy her suggested math program, but only to supplement the math program that we are already using successfully.

The storytime has become a favorite asked for time for my 3 children. Scripture verses are being learned, Biblical history is learned right along with science, and though I thought my kiddos would not like the gross motor (I thought maybe it was too babyish) they love it! The author has done a wonderful job of balancing all necessary skills for those early years!

I highly recommend this program. There is even a forum on the author's website and the author has answered all of my questions within a 24 hour period! Can't ask for better! There is nothing I dislike about this program.

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