Help, I can't get Rosetta Stone to Work!

by Pam
(Orange County CA)

Product: Rosetta Stone French and Spanish
Subject: Foreign Language
Levels Used: Level 1
Dates Used: 2005- present

Likes: Computer based so I don't have to know the language. Many languages to choose from.

Dislikes: Whoo, this is expensive! For the price you would think it would be easy to set up- think again! (I have heard that version 3 is much better.)

It has taken me 3 years to finally get my kids going on these. I spent over 5 hours on-line with tech support trying to set up lessons through the Student Management System. (They tell me they don't sell that part to homeschoolers anymore!)

Since it is self-paced, it is hard to keep track of where the kids should be, and there is a workbook, but no explanation of how or when to use it. The Student Study guide isn't explained either.

Once the publishers get a little more organized for a homeschool environment, it will be a fine program.

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