Horizons Math curriculum review

by Sally
(Georgetown, TX)

We used Horizon Math for two years. We used Horizon Math 3,4,and 6.

Horizon 3 was great. It was in a colorful and fun format and my 3rd grade son enjoyed the workbook. I understood most concepts so found it easy to teach. However, when we reached 4th and 6th grade math the concepts became a little more challenging and the workbook did not explain the concepts well.

If you are a parent who is gifted in Math - then by all means - Horizon may be perfect for you and your family. BUT, I am NOT gifted in Math and I am a visual learner myself and the Teacher's guide did not walk ME through how to teach the lessons. All that was given in the teacher's guide was an answer key as well as objectives.

We were often frustrated (especially in Horizon 6) when a concept came up that was difficult to explain and I had NO idea how to take my son through the lesson step by step. The answer was frequently - "I don't know honey. Let's wait until Daddy gets home or until we can call _____." We have since switched to a different math curriculum and are much happier.

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