I Love Mastering Mathematics!!!

by Valarie

I switched to this program in the middle of last year's school year. Immediately I noticed a dramatic improvement.

My son whom was fighting with me to complete a math assignment was looking forward to the lessons. When we started using Mastering Mathematics his math facts were weak, but within a couple of weeks with this program he was recalling his facts with speed and accuracy.

We have now completed the addition book and most of the subtraction book and he can add and subtract just about anything.

I was convinced to continue this program when we went to the grocery store and my husband handed my son some dollars and change and told him "If I got this much money back from the cashier and I gave her a $10 bill, how much was my purchase?" In under a minute, while walking, using nothing but his head my son came up with the correct answer. I think that in and of itself speaks volumes about this program.

It is not traditionally structured and I thought that would bother me at first, but it goes so smoothly it just makes sense.

My only complaint is that the parent's manual is quite long and requires a lot of reading, however to be honest with you I have just gone with the flow and only referred to the parent's manual a few times.

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